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Entries in the '
Birds of Kolkata' Old Guestbook
(Closed on 22nd August 2002)



Sean de Zylva 20/Aug/2002:17:30:04

I came across the site by accident and loved it. Originally from Ceylon, now in Melbourne Australia I now have a lot to show others with similar passions.

rudra lahiri 20/Aug/2002:08:53:40

i love clicking wildlife, and birds fascinates me. i was in search of a comprehensive guide with pictures and this site just fits the bill.
a very informative site! would like to see it grow.

Naresh Nanda 27/Jul/2002:21:47:22

Good Site! Very informative. Kindly check the occurrence of Eumyias albicaudata, Nilgiri Flycatcher in Kolkata. It is highly unlikely to exist in this part of the country. Also please check the occurrence of Psittacula alexandri, Red-breasted Parakeet. This bird also does not exist in Calcutta. Or have the escaped cage birds established themselves?
Naresh Nanda
Saturday, July 27, 2002 10:19:05 PM IST

Debashish Mukherjee 24/Jul/2002:23:46:38

Great Sumit, keep it up. However currently too sleepy to look inside

Peter Welch 10/Jul/2002:22:42:16

Great site! Enjoyed my visit, keep it up.

pochahauntas 17/Jun/2002:21:57:44

i don't mean to be rude but this is not very helpful your site was the best i've found and it doesn't really give that much information. i have this bird in my back yard and i live in ohio, no water this bird is a SANDPIPER i know for sure because i have had a good look at it. it lays it's eggs on the ground and it has relatively long legs. can you (whoever ,made this) write a reply in the guest book? thanx buh bye!

AVIJIT BISWAS 12/Jun/2002:13:10:04


pulok pattanayak  12/Jun/2002:00:06:21

really attractive site!

Sandipan Chakraborty 06/Jun/2002:12:41:37

Dear Sumit Sen,
Thanks for a very beautiful 'Site' for the on of the lovely animals in the universe....Birds.
Your visit for Purbasthali and details of birds seen and their pics are the way at Purbasthali I was brought up... it gives my great pleasure to see the name of Purbasthali on the Web site...
Godd work ....keep it up...
Thanx again

Job 04/Jun/2002:09:08:54

The site is very good in terms of content, but the images seem a bit too tiny.

Sohail Fazal 02/Jun/2002:17:51:33

Saw your wonderful site today in the backdrop of fears of a nuclear war, was wondering how devastating it would be to the wildlife of our two countries. Keep up the good work.

Sudipto Ghose 31/May/2002:12:14:50

I was amazed by the contents of this site. Keep up the the good work.
You may like to add sounds as well.

soumya 18/May/2002:10:05:36

excellent work sumit. keep it up. i am a hyd based mgmt researcher.
chanced upon ur site by pure accident and loved it.

Bindu 14/May/2002:22:52:13

Hello Sumit,
Really you've done an excellent job.Recently i've been to Kumaon and
had enjoyed through out.Watching your collection of Himalayan birds made me realise that i should learn photograpy as well! I was lost.
Please keep it up.I'll definitely come back.

SANDIP BISWAS  09/May/2002:17:13:25

Visited the site after a long time. Great additions. Amazed with your
skills. Keep up the wonderful work. We are really proud of you.

smaran 05/May/2002:18:58:40

Visited your web today with renewed interest. Amazed at your great
skill, determination and the wonderful work !
Keep it up.

Vikram 26/Apr/2002:19:46:52

Wonderful work. Congrats for your endeavour. Photography and site
designing both take a lot of time and involvement, but what's more is
your love for nature. Proud to be a kolkatan.Seen your Santragachhi
section. Why didn't you put a pic of pintail and shoveller. If you need
I can send you a pintail pic taken by my friend Sanjib Bhattacharyya (
U know him.What about a section on Kulik Birds (Raiganj)?

Do write back or call me at 9881092127.

Partha Dowerah 21/Apr/2002:21:20:47

Wonderful work. Please keep it up.

Arijit Banerjee 17/Apr/2002:14:46:30

"... waking or asleep
thy of death must deem..
things more true and deep,
than we mortals dream
or how could thy notes flow in such a crystal stream"?
(To a Skylark- p.B. Shelley)
I sort of Chanced accross your Site and it made my life a wee bit
interetsing. All I can say is "THANK YOU".

Arijit Banerjee

Smarajit Datta 15/Apr/2002:13:02:22

Dear Amit,
I am a memeber of the Bristirail cultural society. We are
ametuer birdwatchers and can , to an extent, understand the pain and
hard work you gave to this site. It is really great to have such a
sight which is helping me as a ready guide to find out the details
about a particular species.
All the best to you for your future plans for this site. Please
do contact us, if you feel that we may help you in anyway.

AMIT SRIVASTAVA 10/Apr/2002:14:08:54

I am amit srivastava, born in Calcutta, stayed in Amherst Row
Cal -9 and completed schooling from Hindi High School in 1979. Post
Graduated in Mech Engg. from ITBHU, 1986 and joined ONGC in 1988- therbr shifting to Mumbai from Calcutta in 1992.
I am happy to note that Calcutta is not left behind in the endeavour
for natuture conservation.
At Mumbai I got associated as member with Bombay Natural History
Society, NGO and now I am a memeber of Delhi birds since last two
months having been deputed to Delhi from Mumbai in Dec 2001.
I wish kolkata birds all success in its enthusiasm and enterprise.
amit srivastava.

Dr. Sanjib Bhattacha 09/Apr/2002:16:24:09

Dear Sumit,
It's simply great. I am bird lover and an ameature bird photographer.
Now I am in Cambridge, UK. This site is great and I hope you can make it
much more exciting in near future. All the best to you.

basudev-&-shanta mooke 08/Apr/2002:20:38:13

dear Sumit ,
this has come to us as a great surprise !! great work ! very
engrossing . lot of effort has gone in . keep it up !! didnt know there
was so much talent in the neighbourhood !!
basudev -&- shanta mookerjee

brijesh 29/Mar/2002:19:45:11

It is a beautiful and marvellous web site. I seen all kinds of birds
it is very nice.

Dr. Kaushik Pandit 20/Mar/2002:01:00:08

A mindboggling collection. I am indeed very much impressed by the
sincerity of your work and the quality of efforts that you have put
in. As a Calcuttan I am proud of you. Please keep it up.

Rajesh Chakrabarti 16/Mar/2002:22:49:20

Absolutely stunning!
I never knew there were so many species in Kolkata. I am now going to watch out for them when I am there.
Great work. Keep it up!

Clement Francis M 12/Mar/2002:09:57:14

Wonderful work done!! All my best wishes for more opportunities in the
future. My plead to you is have a conservationist's heart all the time.
Happy birding,

pramod 11/Mar/2002:20:19:06

i went thru ur pages. It is really wonderful !!
I never expected it to be so beautiful.
Pls keep it up. I have made it a destination page for my fututre too.

ARCHANA 05/Mar/2002:16:37:06

Hi Sumit
Great Website and great photographs! You definitely have acheived what you intended to.
Happy Birding!!

Vijay Cavale 01/Mar/2002:09:41:58

Hi there! Fantastic Effort - Much needed! Do keep up the good work.
Vijay Cavale

RUPAK DAS 28/Feb/2002:03:02:21

Nice concoction of information. Very informative. I am impressed.
Rupak Das
Huntsville, USA

wrik c/o arindam 14/Feb/2002:20:02:39

Sumit da
First time I browsed the site with my son wrik, your target audience.
You have indeed 'caught them young!'.

Tracey Roxanne 12/Feb/2002:07:00:27

beautiful photographs...exquisite!!!

Shouneel Charles 10/Feb/2002:11:58:09

Hi Sumit,
Checked out your website like I hade promised.
Extremely impressed with both the snapshots of the birds and the time and effort you have put into this project of yours.
Hope you had a happy birdwatching day at Sariska.
Looking forward to seeing your collection of Calcutta birds increase in
the coming days.
All the very best with your Hobby
Warm regards
Shouneel Charles - STAR TV

Gopal B. Iyer 09/Feb/2002:22:09:24

Great Show Sumit !

Soumyo Chakraborty 09/Feb/2002:01:08:18

Great work! I was really spellbound by the quality of the photographs, thoroughness of documentation and the breadth of coverage. Thanks to Mr. Sen for sharing the fruits of his long and painstaking birding efforts with the rest of the world. During my boyhood when I briefly attempted to dabble in birding, I felt severely handicapped by the lack of good coloured photographs with illustrations for birds in and around Calcutta. I think this site will be a valuable tool to the enthusiasts.

Kakoli Bandyopadhyay 07/Feb/2002:13:57:26

Hello! This is just to show my appreciation for a beautiful and
informative site. I grew up in Dhakuria and was very pleased to see
that some of the pictures are of the residents of Dhakuria :-)
Keep up the good work!

Smaran Choudhury 02/Feb/2002:04:02:46

Excellent site ! Really feel proud that someone at Kolkata is doing
such a wonderful job. Will be too happy to invite the photographer(s)
to our farmhouse -&- fruit orchards at Jayenpur, 5KM South of Garia and the sorrounding neighbourhood. Can provide an opportunity to add few more birds, including night birds, lakkhi pencha (white owls), kola
badur (local bats), machrangas...and add a few spots more on the South of the Map.
Feel free to contact.
Good work.. keep it up.

Ashok Mittal 20/Jan/2002:14:08:05

I really enjoyed spending time at your website.
Thanks for putting the website up.

Dr. P. Kumar 13/Jan/2002:00:28:43

Hello there !
I had a good look at you site today. The structure of the site has come
out pretty neat - a couple of classy birds pictures could probably do
wonders to this otherwise very useful and informative site. I wonder if
you would welcome a gift of about 40-50 class avian images (Indian
species I mean)?? Of course NO STRINGS ATTACHED, not even a link-back or acknowledgement required. These may be birds in action, or even decent portraits ... If yes, I may be able to email the same to you in a pretty fast. Best wishes, and do keep it up.

R.S.Suresh 08/Jan/2002:15:31:41

Nice to know about your site. A nice job done. Its quite informative.
You seems to be a good illustrator too. I have added a link to your
site on my site. Thanks for adding a link to my site.

SANDIP BISWAS 04/Jan/2002:16:10:19

great job. hope you will have more such informative sites on wild life.
sandip biswas

Sanjay 01/Jan/2002:23:26:31

I'm back after quite some time. It's great! Wonderfully informative and
beautifully presented too!

Somnath Mukherjee 30/Dec/2001:11:58:41

Very impressive site.

Deborah 29/Dec/2001:09:30:27

An excellent site containing a lot of information. Photographs have been shot very well too. Await more pictures.

A Walsh 21/Dec/2001:16:09:13

Very nicely done. Should be useful for many. The images are beautiful
and I loved the format.

Anoop  18/Dec/2001:15:01:49

Excellent pictures from your camera. I really like the effort you have
made to put up an illustrated site to identify birds in and around Calcutta. I hope there are many more birds waiting for you to film them.
Best of luck !

Joy Kar 17/Dec/2001:22:38:24

I remember a song with the lyrics which ran...." if a picture paints a
thousand words...."
How true! - sheer poetry in its variety.

Aloke Sinha 14/Dec/2001:22:55:15

This is a very informative website with lot's of stunning pictures.
Keep up the good work and more strength.
Aloke Sinha

Sumit K Sen 14/Dec/2001:13:58:28

Hi All !
I'm just kicking-off the Guest Book.
Happy commenting,



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