Adesh Shivkar


Lesser Flamingo © Adesh Shivkar

Lesser Flamingo
(Phoenicopterus minor)



Image details
1/800 sec, f/8;  ISO 200
Canon 40D, Canon 100-400 zoom
Location: Mahul, opposite Sewri Mudflats, Mumbai
Date: 19 April  2008

Shoot details
I was waiting for months to capture an image like this. The flamingos are associated with the legend of "Phoenix", which goes like "....Its plumage resembles the flames it rises from upon its rebirth from the ashes, combining orange and red hues. Its eyes glow a deep ruby red". I purposely composed this image to capture the essence of  the legend of "Phoenix". I knew the flamingos will start their dance ritual in April-May in Sewri, Mumbai, so I was keeping a close watch. I had several boat visits and finally was rewarded with some close encounters including this one. It was a task to balance on the small shaky boat plus these birds are difficult to expose with the bright sun beating down on them in open.

Species details
Lesser Flamingos breed in Gujarat and winter in large numbers in the Sewri mudflats at the outskirts of Mumbai city. No visit to Mumbai is complete, for those interested in our birds, without a trip to Sewri to see thousands of these birds in timeless formation flight against the backdrop of stark modernity. 80-90cms, sexes alike.

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