Dhritiman Mukherjee


Blood Pheasant © Dhritiman Mukherjee

Blood Pheasant
(Ithaginis cruentus cruentus)



Image details
Nikon D2X,  Nikon F 2.8 400mm
Location: Singalila National Park, West Bengal
Date: April 2008

Shoot details
I spent a month in Singalila to track down my target birds and the Blood Pheasant was found after 13 days at 3660 meters in dense ringal bamboo forest. I located it from the call and had to climb downhill from the road on a steep slope for 200 meters to get near the source of the sound. I had to wait for 4 to 5 hours in a natural hide before the bird emerged in the only opening. My patience and years of mountain climbing made this image.

Species details
The male blood pheasant pictured here is a splendid 38cm gamebird resident in the high-altitude Himalayan alpine meadows and scrub forests.  The female is brown overall with a grey nape and rufous face.

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