Ganesh H Shankar


Indian Vulture © Ganesh H Shankar

Indian Vulture
(Gyps indicus)



Image details
1/1250s at f8
Location: Ramanagar, Karnataka
Date: 7 April 2008

Shoot details
I made this image near Ramanagar at Karnataka. When I saw this critically endangered vulture on the cliff I decided to play a bit with light and dark by choosing an appropriate angle. Made the image through un-lit foreground tree to create a kind of natural burning effect to balance the beautiful blue sky.

Species details
The Indian Vulture is a critically endangered species found in western and southern India. Formerly known as the Long-billed Vulture the species was split from the north-eastern Slender-billed Vulture.  This 92cm bird continues to face the threat of habitat loss and negative effects of diclofenac use on food source.

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