Jayanth Sharma


Black-necked Crane © Jayanth Sharma

Black-necked Crane
(Grus nigricollis)



Image details
Canon EOS 1D mark III, Canon EF 600mm f4 plus1.4X

Location: Hanle marshes, Ladakh
Date: 7 August 2008

Shoot details
An 8 day trail in the remote areas of Ladakh only to photograph the Black-necked Crane proved to be a great plan. After sighting them for days from a distance, one session where I stalked them as close as 30 feet away was a mesmerising experience.

Species details
The 139cm Black-necked Crane is a scarce and threatened resident species. It breeds in small numbers in the wetlands of Ladakh and winters in agricultural land in Bhutan and elsewhere. Sexes alike.

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