Jayanth Sharma


Brown-winged Kingfisher © Jayanth Sharma

Brown-winged Kingfisher
(Halcyon amauroptera)



Image details
Canon EOS 1D mark III, Canon EF 600mm f4 plus1.4X

Location: Dhangmal, Bhitarkanika NP, Orissa
Date: February 2008

Shoot details
While it rained in the mangroves of Bhitarkanika, the Brown-winged Kingfishers were very active and after a couple of days of roughing it out in the minimalist facilities available in this park, I spotted this beauty and photographed it on a rainy evening. Supposed to be one of the rarest of the Kingfishers, sighting them upclose and photographing them was a great reward.

Species details
This 36cm mangrove specialist is threatened by habitat destruction. One of our largest resident kingfishers, this species is found in the Sundarbans and parts of coastal Orissa. 

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