Kalyan Varma


Black Eagle © Kalyan Varma

Black Eagle
(Ictinaetus malayensis)



Image details
1/1600 sec, f/5.6;  ISO 400
Nikon D200, Nikkor 200-400mm F/4 VR with 1.4 TC
Location: BR hills, Karnataka
Date: 10 December 2006

Shoot details
I spent a lot of time in BR hills and because of its hilly terrain, its an ideal habitat for Black Eagles. Locally the tribals have known them well and call it the 'Majestic Black'. I was fortunate to observe a nest for 2 months where in few hours one could see it go out hunting and coming back with prey for the chick. Of course no other raptor has a more elegant flight than the black eagle and that's why this photograph is very special for me. Also I was observing the eagle from top of a hill, which gave me good opportunities to photograph it from the top.

Species details
This graceful eagle is one of our larger resident raptors. Usually seen skimming over the dense hilly broadleaved forests where it makes its home, the species can be found in suitable habitat across the country. Known to be habitual nest robbers, the Black Eagle measures 75cm and both sexes are similar.

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