Mohanram Kemparaju


Broad-tailed Grassbird © Mohanram Kemparaju

Broad-tailed Grassbird
(Schoenicola platyura)



Image details
1/80 sec, f/8; ISO 400
Canon 40D, Canon 600mm lens
Location: Brahmagiris
Date: 16 May 2008

Shoot details
This bird was quite high on my list. My association with Dr Subbu, who has started a project to study these birds in Karnataka, fueled my hunger to get some images of this bird.
Kudremukh National Park, Oct,2006, after searching for 3 days, we didn't come across a singe bird, though the habitat was suitable. 2007, had to miss out on the opportunity. May 2008, a team of 4, made a 3 day trip to Brahmagiris in the Western Ghats. We reached the grasslands after a 5 hour gruelling trek. With no porters to carry our luggage, we had to manage it on our own. 12 kgs on the back, and 7 in front. In the grasslands, the birds were quite common, males sitting on open perches and singing away to glory. We just had to be patient, silent and it was just a matter of time before we made our images.

Species details
The 18cm Broad-tailed Grassbird is a shy endemic resident of the Western Ghats and is usually found in tall grass and scrub growing on open hillsides. The species is considered to be  globally 'vulnerable' by Birdlife International. Sexes alike.

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