Mohanram Kemparaju


Jungle Bush Quail © Mohanram Kemparaju

Jungle Bush Quail
(Perdicula asiatica)



Image details
1/400 sec, f/6.3; ISO 1600
Canon 20D, Sigma 50-500mm
Chitadurga, Karnataka
Date: 15 July 2007

Shoot details
Our main aim was to get images of the Laterite Bush Quail (which Salim Ali writes about in the handbook) from the Chitadurga District, Karnataka. We also wanted to get as many quail images and information as possible. We made 6 visits amongst us (team of 4, with 2-3 floaters, some bird waters, some photographers) trying to search for a good habitat where this bird could be seen. After sighting the bird, we set up natural hides where the birds frequented, after putting in more than 20-24 hours in the hide, we still didn't get the laterite bush quail, but made some unique images of the Jungle Bush Quail.

Species details
The Jungle Bush Quail is a widespread regional endemic  and is usually found dry areas across much of India. The 17cm male pictured above differs from the female who sports  soft vinaceous-buff (unbarred) underparts.

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