Niranjan Sant


Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher © Niranjan Sant

Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher
(Ceyx erithacus)



Image details
Canon equipment
Location: Kokan (Konkan), Maharashtra/Karnataka
Date: September 2007

Shoot details
For very long time I wanted to see this illusive, enchantingly colorful, tiny forest kingfisher. I got information from my friend that these tiny kingfishers were seen in one small village in kokan. That day it was raining like hell and getting to see the bird itself was not possible, forget taking any pictures. But I waited for few hours and rain also obliged and the bird also obliged.

Species details
The Oriental Dwarf is our smallest kingfisher at 13cms. A bird usually associated with woodland streams, most recent records come from the ghats and Konkan area in south-western India. The bird in the image is presumably a female though sexes are very similar and hard to differentiate.

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