Niranjan Sant


Narcondam Hornbill © Niranjan Sant

Narcondam hornbill
(Aceros narcondami)



Image details
Canon equipment
Location: Narcondam Island, Andamans
Date: 18 January 2007

Shoot details
In January 2007, I was fortunate to be a part of bird survey team to Andaman and Nicobar islands. Our last stop was at Narcondam Island. Early morning we saw the glimpses of this majestic island, which was looking like prehistoric place. From its structure, we could make out that it’s an old volcano. That day sea was very rough and captain said that he would not allow us to land on the island. To reach island we had to use small rubber boat and it was very dangerous to do that journey of 3 km from our boat. But some how we persuaded him and at last we embarked on the geminy[ rubber boast]. Our small boat was tossed up and down by huge waves and it was a scary experience. We were drenched in seawater and tough time to keep camera equipment intact. Some how we reached the island and after little search we were fortunate to see these awesome birds.

Species details
This is undoubtedly one of the rarest bird species on earth and  just about 350 of these hornbills are found in only one small island - the Narcondam Island in the Andamans.  Classified as vulnerable by Birdlife International due to restricted range and small population, the bird featured here is, perhaps, one of the 80 odd breeding males in the world.

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