Rajneesh Suvarna


Ruddy Turnstone  © Rajneesh Suvarna

Ruddy Turnstone
(Arenaria interpres)



Image details
1/1000 sec, f/4.5; E/V -2/3; ISO 100
Konica Minolta 5D, Minolta 400mm f4.5
Location: Kapu, Karnataka
Date: 8 March  2008

Shoot details
Had been to the beach with family when I saw these on a rock, waded waist deep in unsafe waters but the distance was too much for my puny 400. Went back the next day and camped for nearly 3 hours by which time they were feeding by my feet!

Species details
Ruddy Turnstones are scurrying little things that you find on rocky coasts and tidal mudflats. True to its name, the turnstone turns over stones looking for a juicy slug. These chunky  22cm waders are winter visitors to our  coasts. Sexes are very similar and hard to tell apart, especially in non-breeding plumage as in this bird.

A Birds of India presentation


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