Ramki (Sreenivasan)


Great Hornbill © Ramki

Great Hornbill
(Buceros bicornis)



Image details
Canon 30D, Canon  500mm
Location: Anamalais, Tamil Nadu
Date: December 2007

Shoot details
This is one of my favorite birds and I love shooting them irrespective of how many times I have shot them before. Shooting them in their 'helicopter-like' flight was always a dream and I finally got them at the crack of dawn in a remote valley in the high ranges of the Anamalais.

Species details
At 130 cms this immense bird is the largest of India's hornbills. Found in mature undisturbed  forests of India and elsewhere in the east, this rare species is the symbol of the BNHS. The image captures a female - told by her white iris and lack of black edges to the casque.

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