Sujan Chatterjee


Fire-tailed Myzornis © Sujan

Fire-tailed Myzornis
(Myzornis pyrrhoura)



Image details
1/200 sec, f/4; ISO 400
Canon 300 D & Canon 300mm F4 IS
Location: Eaglenest WLS, Arunachal Pradesh
Date: 12 January  2007

Shoot details
This bird was photographed at Eagle Nest Wildlife Sanctuary in Jan 2007. It was feeding on sap oozing from a tree and also vigorously guarding it from intruders. I took around half hour to get the right shot of this magnificent but very fast bird.

Species details
This is a jewel of a bird of our Himalayan forests and quite unlike a babbler - family to which it belongs. It is an unforgettable sight for those who have seen this flitting 12cm sunbird-like rarity in its moist and mossy montane habitat. Sexes similar, the male pictured here has more red on throat and tail.

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