Vijay Cavale


Little Grebe © Vijay Cavale

Little Grebe
(Tachybaptus ruficollis)



Image details
Nikon D2X, Nikkor 600mm plus TC-17EII
Location: Bangalore (outskirts), Karnataka
Date: 28 April  2005

Shoot details
This common bird is seen in most waterbodies around Bangalore City. As I watched the bird disappear under water my eyes focused on this frog floating quietly nearby... Welcome to digital SLR's!

Species details
The 27cm Little Grebe is an expert diver and found across the country in freshwater wetlands. From a distancve the Little Grebe looks like a tailless duck and has a habit of running over water when approached.  Sexes are alike though the species sports a dark rufous-chestnut cheek in breeding plumage (shown).

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