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Geographical locations of protected places in India
Using Latitude and Longitude coordinates
Part 1: North-east and eastern India

Notes and disclaimers:
1. Coordinates are tested with Google Earth and Google maps. You can copy and paste them on either software.
2. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, errors can exist as all inputs have not been verified. Users are requested to check results independently. Write to sumitsen@rediffmail.com for corrections.
3. Protected areas often cover large spaces. The coordinates only provide a central point location.
4. Sanctuary data has been mainly sourced from the websites of State Forest Departments. Names/spellings are generally as used by the Forest Department.

P- Official status is 'proposed' as at Apr-11.

North-east India: E 97°20' - 89°49'

Phawngpui National Park 22°41'24.18"N  93°2'6.14"E
Dampa Tiger Reserve 23°36'13.98"N 92°21'37.70"E
Murlen National Park 23°36'59.23"N 93°17'55.21"E
Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary 22°26'27.59"N 92°50'43.79"E
Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary 23°50'31.99"N 93°12'35.39"E
Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary 23°18'40.78"N 92°57'12.89"E
Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary 23°30'6.61"N 93°0'7.73"E
Pualreng Wildlife Sanctuary 24°7'23.91"N 92°55'6.80"E
Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary 23°15'4.47"N 92°30'42.25"E

Rajbari National Park, Trishna 23°16'34.53"N 91°24'16.49"E
Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary 23°16'44.23"N 91°23'59.42"E
Clouded Leopard National Park 23°40'5.60"N 91°19'21.16"E
Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary 23°39'33.49"N 91°17'38.92"E
Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary 23°44'47.94"N 91°50'2.05"E
Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary 24°17'35.48"N 92°9'55.14"E

Yangoupokpi-Lokchao Wildlife Sanctuary 24°19'23.01"N 94°13'59.97"E
Keibul Lamjao National Park 24°28'48.31"N 93°50'8.63"E
Jiri-Makru Wildlife Sanctuary (P) 25°14'13.55"N 93°31'54.98"E
Buning Wildlife Sanctuary (P) 25°13'56.87"N 93°41'54.44"E
Zeilad Wildlife Sanctuary (P) 24°54'24.50"N 93°21'32.95"E
Siroi National Park (P) 25°7'37.22"N 94°31'41.91"E
Kailam Wildlife Sanctuary (P) 24°19'29.87"N 93°26'19.63"E

Intanki National Park 25°45'57.00"N 93°31'29.47"E
Rangapahar Wildlife Sanctuary 25°44'17.06"N 93°37'0.98"E
Pulie Badze Wildlife Sanctuary 25°38'53.76"N 94°4'21.30"E
Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary 25°47'2.76"N 94°54'59.63"E

Arunachal Pradesh
Namdapha Tiger Reserve 27°29'57.21"N 96°34'57.06"E
Kamlang Wildlife Sanctuary 27°44'57.82"N 96°27'47.74"E
Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary 28°8'49.65"N 95°55'38.51"E
Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary 28°49'6.10"N 96°6'6.28"E
D.Ering Wildlife Sanctuary 28°3'1.58"N 95°26'8.61"E
Mouling National Park 28°32'33.56"N 94°45'51.97"E
Talle Valley Wildlife Sanctuary 27°34'3.62"N 93°58'41.14"E
Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary 27°5'35.72"N 93°37'30.72"E
Pakke Tiger Reserve 26°56'49.87"N 93°0'22.59"E
Sessa Orchid Sanctuary 27°6'14.38"N 92°31'39.56"E
Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary 27°6'42.36"N 92°24'36.99"E
Kane Wildlife Sanctuary 27°39'59.23"N 94°39'1.87"E
Yordi-Rabe Supse Wildlife Sanctuary 28°40'41.87"N 94°19'49.85"E

Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary 27°17'17.73"N 95°30'30.18"E
Borajan Wildlife Sanctuary 27°24'55.26"N 95°21'45.31"E
Dibru-Saikhowa National Park 27°37'26.04"N 95°19'17.40"E
Panidehing Bird Sanctuary 27°5'0.03"N 94°32'36.85"E
Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary 26°40'55.86"N 94°20'38.57"E
Nambor–Doigrung Wildlife Sanctuary 26°26'3.76"N 93°55'19.70"E
Garampani Wildlife Sanctuary 26°23'53.56"N 93°53'15.95"E
Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary 26°22'53.91"N 93°52'26.68"E
Kaziranga National Park 26°39'18.21"N 93°23'1.84"E
East Karbi Anglong Wildlife Sanctuary 26°24'54.36"N 93°25'6.53"E
Marat Longri Wildlife Sanctuary 25°47'36.96"N 93°12'5.72"E
Borail Wildlife Sanctuary 25°1'1.90"N 92°46'1.87"E
Nameri National Park 26°57'34.64"N 92°51'41.56"E
Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary 26°29'52.24"N 92°42'21.82"E
Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuary 26°31'18.23"N 92°41'57.70"E
Orang National Park 26°33'1.49"N 92°19'57.37"E
Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary 26°53'11.08"N 92°22'6.89"E
Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary 26°13'60.00"N 92°3'13.95"E
Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary 26°10'34.30"N 91°52'49.44"E
Barnadi Wildlife Sanctuary 26°48'6.86"N 91°44'31.39"E
Manas National Park 26°45'3.93"N 91°0'3.94"E
Chakrashilla Wildlife Sanctuary 26°19'30.45"N 90°18'51.38"E
Bordoibam Bilmukh Bird Sanctuary (P) 27°20'39.06"N 94°20'18.39"E
North Karbi Anglong Wildlife Sanctuary (P) 26°30'48.51"N 93°23'17.88"E
Deepor Beel Wildlife Sanctuary (P) 26°7'9.81"N 91°38'56.13"E

Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary 25°56'5.54"N 91°46'19.03"E
Balpakram National Park 25°14'35.68"N 90°54'15.21"E
Siju Bird Sanctuary 25°30'4.09"N 90°35'40.26"E
Nokrek National Park  25°26'52.69"N 90°27'43.51"E
Baghmara Pitcher Plant Sanctuary 25°12'22.00"N 90°37'39.00"E

Eastern India:  E 89°49' -  83°30'

West Bengal
Sundarbans Tiger Reserve 22°2'17.34"N 88°51'3.59"E
Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary 22°7'27.89"N 88°49'51.18"E
Haliday Island Wildlife Sanctuary 21°39'50.24"N 88°37'56.64"E
Lothian Island Wildlife Sanctuary 21°39'37.89"N 88°19'53.83"E
Chintamani Kar Bird Sanctuary 22°25'41.01"N 88°24'7.10"E
Bibhutibhusan Wildlife Sanctuary 23°6'20.86"N 88°46'7.56"E
Bethuadahari Wildlife Sanctuary 23°34'48.48"N 88°24'17.03"E
Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary 23°15'10.26"N 87°51'1.58"E
Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary 23°41'11.08"N 87°40'11.29"E
Raiganj Bird Sanctuary 25°38'15.00"N 88°7'11.00"E
Mahanada Wildlife Sanctuary 26°48'38.00"N 88°26'24.00"E
Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary 26°59'50.05"N 88°15'49.73"E
Jorepokhri Wildlife Sanctuary 27°0'10.00"N 88°10'0.00"E
Singalila National Park 27°2'51.44"N 88°2'16.30"E
Neora Valley National Park 27°5'29.82"N 88°39'45.53"E
Gorumara National Park 26°44'52.61"N 88°48'17.10"E
Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary 26°53'52.00"N 88°51'1.00"E
Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary 26°36'16.62"N 89°22'26.36"E
Buxa Tiger Reserve 26°39'8.45"N 89°34'35.48"E

Yumthang-Singba Rhododendron Sanctuary 27°49'48.02"N 88°44'37.43"E
Kyongnosla Alpine Sanctuary 27°22'28.22"N 88°43'48.02"E
Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary 27°16'40.11"N 88°46'48.18"E
Fambong Lo Wildlife Sanctuary 27°21'21.00"N 88°32'33.04"E
Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary 27°18'55.02"N 88°22'53.76"E
Kitam Bird Sanctuary 27°7'1.00"N 88°20'46.00"E
Khangchendzonga National Park 27°39'25.33"N 88°18'28.38"E
Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary 27°11'50.78"N 88°7'21.20"E

Simlipal National Park 21°45'17.70"N 86°19'18.60"E
Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary 21°24'50.43"N 86°37'35.26"E
Hadgad Wildlife Sanctuary 21°17'39.14"N 86°15'14.87"E
Bhitarkanika National Park 20°41'28.82"N 86°57'17.99"E
Gahirmatha Turtle Sanctuary 20°34'6.61"N 86°49'10.27"E
Nandan Kanan National Park 20°23'53.30"N 85°49'0.09"E
Chandaka Dompara Wildlife Sanctuary 20°20'16.64"N 85°40'0.63"E
Balukhanda-Konark Wildlife Sanctuary 19°49'50.42"N 85°55'8.87"E
Chilika Wildlife Sanctuary 19°42'1.36"N 85°16'15.21"E
Satkosia Gorge Wildlife Sanctuary 20°34'32.45"N 84°51'54.94"E
Baisipalli Wildlife Sanctuary 20°29'57.82"N 84°45'6.02"E
Khalasuni Wildlife Sanctuary 21°20'30.63"N 84°28'43.51"E
Badarama Wildlife Sanctuary 21°27'31.25"N 84°19'21.86"E
Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary 21°34'0.42"N 83°40'17.90"E
Lakhari Valley Sanctuary 19°18'48.38"N 84°21'12.03"E
Kotagarh Wildlife Sanctuary 19°49'1.98"N 83°47'47.88"E
Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary 19°45'33.49"N 83° 5'16.23"E
Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary 20°24'15.05"N 82°28'16.95"E

Valmiki Tiger Reserve 27°23'7.55"N 84°8'33.66"E
Udaypur Wildlife Sanctuary 26°47'57.00"N 84°24'54.10"E
Kusheshwarsthan Closed Area 26°8'46.18"N 85°58'59.87"E
Kanwar Jheel Bird Sanctuary 25°36'55.05"N 86°8'43.84"E
Barela S.A.Z.S. Sanctuary 25°52'15.89"N 85°13'14.21"E ?
Gogabil Pakshi Vihar 25°23'56.02"N 87°45'0.88"E
Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary 25°18'43.31"N 86°51'41.88"E
Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary 25°4'31.50"N 86°21'57.93"E
Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary 24°59'20.20"N 85°24'32.88"E
Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary 24°52'43.97"N 84°3'50.80"E
Nakti Dam Bird Sanctuary 24°50'52.69"N 86°26'37.38"E
Nagi Dam Bird Sanctuary 24°48'44.76"N 86°24'7.91"E
Gautam Buddha Wildlife Sanctuary 24°26'46.52"N 85°6'38.80"E

Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary 24°58'23.02"N 87°49'20.30"E
Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary 23°55'32.54"N 86°11'5.75"E
Parasnath Wildlife Sanctuary 23°58'24.04"N 86°8'47.33"E
Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary 22°53'54.50"N 86°13'7.35"E
Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary 24°7'57.30"N 85°22'26.69"E
Koderma Wildlife Sanctuary 24°29'19.98"N 85°33'19.57"E
Gautam Buddha Wildlife Sanctuary 24°27'23.81"N 85°12'10.82"E
Palkot Wildlife Sanctuary 22°47'40.35"N 84°40'42.67"E
Lawalong Wildlife Sanctuary 24°8'56.89"N 84°36'43.70"E
Betla National Park 23°52'23.72"N 84°11'17.77"E
Palamau Tiger Reserve 23°41'19.98"N 84°14'56.20"E
Mahuadanr Wildlife Sanctuary 23°31'59.61"N 83°59'26.45"E

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